Thursday, April 12, 2007

Take that, Lincoln Memorial

Hey there, all you web-savvy savages. So we're doing a show in Washington DC tomorrow -- that is, Friday. And while most people would artistically represent our nation's capital with a picture of like a monument or a protest rally (yeah democracy!) or a belt on a scale (belt +'s like beltway...yeah? no? shut up), we're using this picture of a Washington subway stop. Why? Because this country was built on public transportation. Seriously. Mayflower. That shit was public. George Washington crossing the Delaware? That was more or less a tram. A public tram. Seriously, I have a point. Just trust me.

Anyway...the show. It's part of the DC Comedy Fest (which is more or less spectacular), and we're performing with these other NYC hoodlums called Trophy Dad. They are funny as a cow sex. So if you're in DC on Friday night, don't assassinate the Secretary of Agricultre. Come see our show. Then we can all go and plot a fantastic coup together. Subway stops!

Friday, April 13th (yeah, yeah, day of bad luck, whatever, go melt yourself onto bread)
10:30 pm
Cleanest River and Trophy Dad
The Mead Theater at Flashpointe
(916 G Street, NW, Washington, DC 20001; VIA METRO: Located just steps from the Gallery Place - Chinatown stop - 9th & G exit- on Metro's Red, Green, and Yellow Lines)

Thanks for always smiling.

Monday, April 09, 2007

On stage tonight! With a dictionary!

Hey YOU! We have a show today. TODAY. It's us and Slightly Known People (a group so good they'll make you forget all about that whole exploding-abortion thing you've been going through recently) together at the PIT at 9:30 pm. Our whole show is based on Webster's College Dictionary and a real dictionary is playing all the key speaking roles. The show is also directed by a dictionary (not the same one playing the major parts; that would just be ASKING for trouble). And in lieu of lights, dictionaries will be illuminating the stage area. Cost of the show is 5 dictionaries (with a two dictionary minimum). If you have any questions, send a dictionary to dictionary@otterholocaust.dictionary

genuine details:
Cleanest River and Slightly Known People
PIT Theater (154 W 29th St betw 6 and 7 aves)
930 pm, 5 dollars
Dictionaries will be seated first