Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year's Resolution

I will not post pictures of people dressed like penguins.


Monday, January 01, 2007

20 x 100 + 23 - 16 = 2007

It’s 2007. How excited are you? Oh really, rectal exam. Sorry.

Regardless. Everyone is sharing his or her new years resolution. Hilary Duff is going to stop eating sweets in the new years according to her blog. Rosie Odonnell is going to order more babies. Saddam Hussein is…oh…nevermind. (Too soon?)

But as for me, I’m not posting shit about resolutions. But one cliché I do enjoy is looking back and reflecting on how far I’ve come as a human being robot bear rocket ship.

I have pretty much every journal I’ve kept since I was 10. One journal entry from my 7th grade journal says, “I need to start eating more crackers. I forget how delicious they are.” Mmm, crackers, especially when you make little meat faces on them. But my favorite is the following from a January entry from my senior year of high school. There's only one line on the page and I only wish I could remember the context.

“Fuck birds.”

Like…that could be a new years resolution.