Thursday, March 01, 2007

News Headlines on the BBC Flash Page: 1) Marty Scores! 2) Beyonce Avoids Hepatitis 3) What I'm about to talk about

Allow me to be myself for a second and to share a piece of myself with all of you. Yes. All too often, I gotta say, we important cyber space people, which is what you are if you have a blog (you're important) we get so lost in what we want people to think we care about and not what we actually DO care about. See in blogs, when you capitalize words like I did back THERE (or right there) it means they're important...just like the very person writing the very blog YOU ARE reading (oh there I go again).

Instead, I want to take down the Iron Curtain...a clever reference to Communism...and talk about what is really happening in my and really our lives. Our lives not only as people enjoying the information superhighway but as Americans.

Cleanest River was selected as one of the acts for the DC Comedy Festival. Yeah. It's pretty exciting. Right? It's okay to be excited about it. But I think the real thing to be excited about is the social change that we now can encourage. Not too long ago, I used to believe in things. Yes. I was bright eyed, lived in Williamsburg, NY, listened to Aimee Mann and the "I Am Sam" soundtrack for days on end. Now that I have the OPPORTUNITY...a clever reference to the go back to DC, I'm going to set things right. By doing the following...

1) Reading the HR Bill 6111 out loud at a Denny's breakfast stop

2) Passing trade legislation about creating more tv reality shows about Victoria Beckham

3) Visiting the Smithsonian museum (not really for change, but I like looking at WWII aircrafts)

4) Making sure to not burn things

5) Finding Jesus in a rival tomb than the one James Cameron found Jesus in

6) Napping

7) Directly after performing, reading the names of the people that died in the battle of Bunker Hill

7a) This...

8) Revealing the names of high school teachers of mine that slept with their students

9) Napping

10) Buying War & Peace at Barnes & Noble, not to read it but to flirt with several store clerks.

Come see these things happen in April when we perform with all the other IMPORTANT people who keep blogs ABOUT themselves. Excuse me, there's this great video of a horse with glasses on reading the US Constitution on YouTube.