Thursday, June 01, 2006

Hot outside...hmmm?

Well, ya's got two cool-down choices. The first: Go find a damn fountain shaped like an animal...not a lizard, though! Little Larry here has dibs on the lizard fountain. Yeah, so go find a ceramic animal spewing chilly aquatic goodness out its fake mouth and stand under it and enjoy your life. Yes, that's approach number one.

Approach number two: Come see us yell and dance and sing and swear and slither and roll and giggle and snort and slap and hit and pull and shoot and stab and slaughter and bloody and kill and kill and kill! Onstage Saturday night at the Peoples Improv Theater. We know you know...but the PIT's on W 29th, and we guarantee it's not as unbearably hot as your apartment is right now (yo, the theater's got a ceiling fan...maybe). We're doing like 50 minutes, and if your body temp doesn't drop at least 65 degrees by the time the show's over, let us know and we'll have Little Larry bring you to the lizard.

So, to recapadapadap:
Saturday, June 3
8:00 pm
Peoples Improv Theater...154 W. 29th St (betw 6 and 7 aves)
Eight dollars...that's so much cheaper than cryogenically freezing yourself!