Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Angry Swimming Pool (vol. 2)

Anncr: Oh my oh my oh my. Look who's back and still low on chlorine. The angry mothafuckin swimming pool...

Angry Swimming Pool: Uh, hi there.

Anncr: Yeah...Look at those teeth on the angry swimming pool. Sharp and oh-so-bloody. What could he be demanding today? Not my soul I hope!!

Angry Swimming Pool: Listen, I'm just wondering if you know how to get to Quizno's.

Anncr: Holy bourgeois chicken shit! This guy's completely outta control. No diving board or water slide here. Just a big nasty deep end. I bet he's got a semiautomatic.

Angry Swimming Pool: I actually strongly support gun control legislation. Did you know more children were killed last year by handguns than...

Anncr: Oh God. He's cumming! He's cumming!

Angry Swimming Pool: C'mon. That's completely inappropriate.

Anncr: I'm gonna take you down myself, you punk character. AHHHHHHHHH!

Angry Swimming Pool: For God's sake.

[ANGRY SWIMMING POOL swallows ANNOUNCER whole. Then he burps and a minute later regurgitates ANNOUNCER in puddy form. ANGRY SWIMMING POOL molds puddy into life-size model of Ida Tarbell (the infamous muckraker journalist).]

Angry Swimming Pool: Fool can't play me. Cannot!