Thursday, August 31, 2006

New business venture...are you in?

I think I want to start a business. And that business would be based around something I'm sure google will add after reading this to their collection of like Google Mail, Google Maps, Google Car Crash, Google Artificial Limb stuff. My business would be a service that companies subscribe to where they will get those "CRrrRRaAAZZzzYYy" emails with pictures of dogs with cigars, or lemurs with business ties, and they get emailed around the office. So, now no one would have to worry "Is Hal going to send out another funny email?" Because PoochPlant Inc (my company name) has that taken care of. Our first email would be...

followed by...

concluding with...

Do I have any investors interested?

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Why we'd all be happier as large, awkward sea mammals

Story from a reputable news organization

"Florida manatees spend a great deal of time eating, with frequent naps between meals. Their social world is relatively straightforward. Males mate with females in a violent affair that resembles a gang rape."

Well, dudes would be happier at least.