Friday, June 16, 2006

Poor Sardine. Poor poor Sardine.

So I decided I want to write a feature film. In said feature film, the story will feature animated characters ala Toy Story or Atlantis and the main characters will be a sardine and brocolli and their troubles of how no one likes them. No one likes to eat sardines or brocolli. Boo HOO!

And so they fucking start going around with guns shooting and killing the other vegetables. And so like King Carrot puts a bounty on their heads. And they're like "We don't fucking care, we just want our propers." And so they plan to shoot the King at the great ball. But the fucking Brocolli meets Miss MSG and falls in love and people start liking him, and like Miss MSG introduce Brocolli to her friends like Samual Steam and Perry Pizza and he has friends then.

SO Sardine kills himself, and then cross dissolve and it ends with a classroom scene of little mixed vegetables being all taught that that's why they have Labor Day.

Happy Father's Day Weekend, fathers.