Monday, June 04, 2007

Why I smother people sometimes?

So I was hanging out in Brooklyn the other night. And what else do people in Brooklyn talk about other than living in Brooklyn. And how there's a waffle stand on every corner. So once we stopped talking about The Waffle Crook on the corner of Cut T-shirt Street and What is that, a bag you made yourself Ave, the conversation switched to Williamsburg, which is actually also in Brooklyn.

This kid...I think his name was Tap...Tap was talking about how "everything is always being built in's almost here, it's being built." So true Tap. So he goes on to say that he moved to Williamsburg and joined this gym that hadn't been built yet. And shock town on the corner of shock and town, this gym ended up being a scam and he lost his money and had to cancel his credit card. I felt bad about that because I had done something pretty similiar involving purchasing something off of Ebay (but luckily I did it through a site that will retrieve your lost wages). To finish Tap's story, he says "I mean...I really should have known better. You know cuz of the name and everything."

To which, I replied about 5 names of the possible gym which follow:
-Not a Real Gym Gym
-I'm Going to steal your money gym
-This is Really going to be an American Apparel Gym
-Yo!!!! Gym!
-Ass Titties Ass Titties Gym

To which, he replied...not getting anything at all, nor understanding anything at all, not even his own social security number...

"No it was like Reade Gymnasium."

After that I went outside and had a soy kabob and talked about how Brooklyn has a pretty great baseball team. Tap stayed inside and talked about his ballpoint pen. It was a good night.