Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Did you see Cloverfield? What a great movie, huh guys. Yeah Roger Ebert ate it up. He ate it up so much he had to get another surgery. Yeah, that's a fat joke. Pretty good, huh guys.

So...Cleanest River's blog/site has fallen to a Chinese man. Yeah he came in, delivered some dumplings, then took it hostage. It was weird.

So...we're taking a break if you couldn't tell. Here's what's happening...like one of those um Real World Reunions.

Dan Leif is in Argentina right now. Farming. Yeah, usually you would think that's a joke being written on here. But it's true. It's super super true.

Jake Goldman is making cell phone wallpapers. He is also around NYC performing with himself, Barrett and Goldman, and the Future Mrs Goldman. If you want to hound him, go to this site: http://internetdogfist.com. He loves hounding.

Jessica Stickles is reading about ladies who live with wolves and children's shows. (weird because clearly this is me I'm talking about...lets make my story more impressive). She also is now breeding champion show dogs. One of them has won a prize for best hat in a dog show. She is performing around NYC and can be seen in Baby Grenade, Wolf Cougar Lion and on her own. Find her real estate at http://ladiesbeshopping.com.

Daniel Luddy is currently surveying roof tops. He can be seen performing in and around NYC. Also he's travelling on a train to everywhere next month. Try to catch him.


We'll be back soon...in some form...doing what we love most...making people more aware of babies, guns and murder. Please continue loving us, while we have an affair that doesn't involve your mommy.

Love from Biggie Smalls,