Friday, June 09, 2006

OMG, NO! Not the Pony Express!

That's right! Have you heard the news? The Pony Express is back! And it's going to be making its comeback tour in Lowell and Boston this weekend. Oh boy, have you ever seen a horse shit out a prairie dog! Aye!!! Well, catch it! Catch their pony shit performing alongside us this weekend @:

The Lowell Comedy Festival
Saturday, June 10th @8pm
91 Dutton Street

Improv Boston
Sunday, June 11th @ 8pm
1253 Cambridge Street
Cambridge, MA 01239
(617) 576-1253 for Reservations and Info

HO! Check it out if you're in the resepctive areas! Google MAP THAT SHIT! Dont' miss horses and ponies being all like "he's not gonna call you bitch". Two nights only!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Who's up for a hell party?

I'll bring the cake if you bring the brimstone!

Hell, Mich., heats up for 6-6-6 party
Associated Press
June 4, 2006