Monday, January 09, 2006

Up your nose with a rubber hose

This sketch offered a notable contrast in gay humor. Boris' Kitchen stressed the relatively innocent peddling of nut bars, and featured a showdown catfight match. They avoided trivializing disease, as Cleanest River in America did earlier. In fact, Cleanest River blundered in two ways-joking about cancer and the spectrum of sexually transmitted diseases at the same time. The audience responded accordingly, applauding the combat between girls and gays during the Boris' Kitchen sketch, while protesting against Cleanest River with silence when it reduced two of humanity's greatest threats to low-brow quips.

This is from a review of our show at Brandeis last month. The sketch they are talking about involves a man getting cancer after he had consensual gay sex with a stranger in an elevator. The writer here points out that cancer and STDs are two of humanity's greatest threats, what he did not publish is the rest of his top five list.

5) Fist fucking with a Super Bowl ring on
4) Racism
3) Cancer
2) STDs
1) Low-yield bonds

By the way, here is a line from another sketch we did that night that got a big laugh:

Fan- Do you have an STD Tommy?

Touchdown Tommy- A Super Trick Dick?!

And speaking of Touchdown Tommy, he's on MySpace!! Go be his friend!

Great, just great.