Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Feather Suffocation Lyrics!!!

I like starting my day with my favorite song by Feather Suffocation:

"You put a leg in the mouth of your new born baby brother"

I really love that song.


CRA presents "Staunton Chipmunk River Run"...

A gated community hell bent on keeping the hooligans out and the cougars in. I mean...those cougars hate football. So much so they refer to it as soccer. No worries about hooligans in Staunton. No sir (oh..ma'am...I couldn't tell).

Please join us and our special guest groups every THURSDAY in AUGUST. We will be performing at the People's Improv Theater in NYC at 8PM. Official details and schedule below. Come be a part of the magic of Sea World...

CRA: "Staunton Chipmunk River Run"
Every Thursday in August
People's Improv Theater
154 W 29th Street

Tix: 8$
Cheap beer and some lady drinks! Yes wine party ladies!

*****Special Guests*****
Aug 2- Murderfist!
Aug 9- Secret Pants
Aug 23- Elephant Larry
Aug 30- Barehanded Wolf Chokers

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Baby Makes Perfume Out of Credit Card

Whoa. You're probably reading this just thirsting for more info to clarify the title of this post. Sorry, there is none. You've been fooled. We really just want you to read this:

Cleanest River is live at the People's Improv Theater every Thursday in August. Shows are at 8 o'clock. A different group will sham-bab-a-bab with us each week. Grilling may or may not happen. Towels will play a prominent role. Musical guest is Nirvana.

Go to these shows.