Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Only two mo' chances to see FEINGOLD'S HOLIDAY EXTRAVAGANZA BLOWOUT SALE. Chance one: This Saturday...the 16th of December. If you're not there, you better have a gosh darn good if Earth's gravitational pull were to increase 70 fold, making it basically impossible for you to move (and probably sucking the moon in thousands of miles closer and destroying the planet's natural harmony)--if that happenes, that might, MIGHT, be an acceptable excuse. If your cat dies, that's not. In fact, if your cat dies, bring the little shit to the show and we'll incorporate its carcass into a skit about shopping. Promise.

Hooray! December 16 (Saturday). 7 pm. PIT Theater--154 W 29th St. The comedy is eight dollars. The firm handshakes we'll be giving out on the sidewalk are absolutely free.