Monday, April 09, 2007

On stage tonight! With a dictionary!

Hey YOU! We have a show today. TODAY. It's us and Slightly Known People (a group so good they'll make you forget all about that whole exploding-abortion thing you've been going through recently) together at the PIT at 9:30 pm. Our whole show is based on Webster's College Dictionary and a real dictionary is playing all the key speaking roles. The show is also directed by a dictionary (not the same one playing the major parts; that would just be ASKING for trouble). And in lieu of lights, dictionaries will be illuminating the stage area. Cost of the show is 5 dictionaries (with a two dictionary minimum). If you have any questions, send a dictionary to dictionary@otterholocaust.dictionary

genuine details:
Cleanest River and Slightly Known People
PIT Theater (154 W 29th St betw 6 and 7 aves)
930 pm, 5 dollars
Dictionaries will be seated first


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