Thursday, March 15, 2007

What would you do?

Think you know how to act in a business environment? Well, let's put your office-park IQ to the test. Read the following situation that OBVIOUSLY happens ALL THE TIME in corporate America and then read the possible courses of action you could take and then decide which one is right and then read further to see what you SHOULD do. If you choose the wrong response, you have to hang yourself in the nearest conference room. Seriously! Those are the rules. Okay...

Situation 1:
The chief mustard officer at your company is retiring so all the employees are invited to go out to a nearby recycling plant that evening so that you can all take turns dumping newspaper and cans on his forehead. But you already have post-work plans: You're supposed to kill six members of the San Antonio Spurs as they exit their team bus in Houston. What do you tell your supervisor (who reaaaaally wants you to go to the recycling plant so he can eat out your asshole)?

a) Tell your supervisor you can't go, but buy him a gecko with a huge butt so he can still lick shit off something.

b) Go to the recycling plant and pretend to enjoy yourself despite the fact that as you sit there tossing garbage at a mustard-department exec, six San Antonio Spurs are not being killed in any way.

c) Hack into the brain of the San Antontio Spurs' bus driver so that he unloads the team at the recycling plant instead of in Houston. When those six players get off the bus, unleash a gaggle of razorblad geese (geese that are born with razorblades on their feet, mouth and tailfeathers) and watch as they systematically destroy those basketball phenoms. When the geese fly off to battle the ghost of Waler Cronkite, collect the remains of the Spurs players and toss them at the mustard exec as your co-workers cheer and you asshole gets tongued.

Correct answer: X = 456.


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