Wednesday, October 19, 2005

You Wish

Thanks again to anyone who came out to our second Juvie Hall show with our pals from Olde English. We managed to do two sold out shows and we're going to do it again real soon. If anyone reading this is in Syracuse, NY this weekend come and check us out at the Empire Comedy Fest for free. There might be a gorilla there. Yes. As in THIS gorilla. No one is making a promise but someone is making a child. Right now. Just like that Van Halen song.

And let me ask you--American Public. Why are you all clamoring over this new iPod? Oh, great, I can watch mediocre television in the palm of my hand. Well why hasn't anyone asked this question: When are iPods going to give me a the recommended daily dietary fiber I need? It's got a click wheel? Great. Oh, it comes in color? Super. Oh, what's that? It doesn't spit out bran at the click of a button? Not interested.

-Be sure to check out some Olde English stuff. Very funny videos. I'd recomment "Arthur Got a Haircut."

-Death Rays?!

-Ice Volcanoes?!

- Scott Baio?!

Jim McKenna


Anonymous Old man Bummerstine said...

Hey you there with your fancy leg shaking!!! I See wat you've got in your back pocket! That's a whole big humping bag of rock that you just face raped the people of SU with last night!!! I Wanted to let the world know about the freaky hot time you showed us all, and also that i'd be wanting to dip my danglie parts in your cavernous parts! eeehhhhehehehehehe....(cough)

6:59 PM  

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