Friday, October 20, 2006

Ladies! Make Noise!

This entry's for the ladies! I think every Friday, I'ma do a ladies entry! Take back the pop up server! Ha Ha Ha. Microsoft Outlook.

This week's entry. OMG@?&(!!!!)

Sooooooo.....George from Grey's Anatomy is gay. Even better than that! Is on the set, evidently the actors that play Dr. Burke and Dr. McDreamy (haha ladies joke! laugh sound) got into a fight calling each other the word f*gg*t. YEA? That's a true story, and I guess that's how he got outed and had to release a statement in Variety. IS THAT NOT CRAZY?? Put lipstick on.

But seriously, if I could be a cigarette, it would be a V Slim. Because I won't smoke anything that won't show the lipstick I just put on. It's red!


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